Cloud And Vox

Capture Point Clouds

Unleash your LiDAR sensor and turn your iPhone or iPad into a point cloud and voxel capture device! The point clouds can easily be exported to common point cloud formats such as PTS or XYZ and transferred to a computer for traditional point cloud usage.
Cloud & Vox also support exporting the point clouds to Magica Voxel objects. The raw data is also saved in an open custom format that easily can be read and used for your own applications!

Main View

When opening the app you are presented with the main view where all controls needed to capture point clouds can be found as well as various helper buttons.
Settings - Lets you configure the behaviour of the app and what formats to export to when saving a capture.
Share - Opens the standard iOS share dialog letting you transfer the exported files to another computer or cloud storage.
Help - Provides detailed info about how to use and configure the app.

External Tools

As Cloud And Vox supports standard formats such as PTS the captures can easily be imported into standard programs for further editing and use. The image shows a super simple cloud visualized in Unreal Engine.